Fado, Saudade & Mystery
Fado, Saudade & Mystery

Fado, Saudade & Mystery

Editora: Zéfiro ISBN: 9789896771096

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de Rémi Boyer


«Having taken care to study this sentiment, which we call Saudade, which is without equal, Rémi Boyer strolls in Lisbon feeling the sound and smell of Fado in every back street, drinking in all the fadista nuances of a people and evaluating each movement of the musicians.

He takes in the permanent dialogue between voice and guitar, taking the trouble to recognise the makers of Portuguese guitars, the most researched by guitarists.

He also sees that there is Fado, a great deal of Fado, in all those who, choosing a vagabond style of Fado, dare to sing in an improvised manner, running the inevitable risk of letting others see their inner being, and who penetrates, without shame or fear, the temples of Fado, as Rémi describes them.»

Kátia Guerreiro
In Preface

(Edição em Inglês)

Co-Edition: Zéfiro & Arcano Zero


Born in 1958, Rémi Boyer started exploring, from an early age, the world of Vanguards, Initiation and the Philosophies of Awakening. He has been working, since then, for a new alliance between the Philosophies of Awakening and the artistic vanguards.

A member of the Société des Gens de Lettres, he sees literature as a form of metaphysics, having been actively involved in the magazine movement since the early 80's, in particular with the exceptional experience of the traditions and vanguards magazine L'Originel, directed by Charles Antoni, and later with Pris de Peur and Mange Monde, magazines published by the House of Surrealists of Cordes-sur-Ciel, directed by Paul Sanda.

He also collaborates, or has in the past, with several European magazines, such as L'écho des poneys, Supérieur Inconnu, Place aux sens, La Soeur de l'Ange, Initiera, Cahiers chroniques, and Historia Occultae. Since 2007, he has also contributed to the electronic magazines Vendémiaire and La faute à Diderot.
He directs, since 1992, the magazine L'Esprit des Choses, which specialises on the philosophy of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, Martinism and Freemasonry, and writes, since 1996, the literary column La Lettre du Crocodile.

Presently, he directs the collection Grimoires in Editions Rafaels de Surtis. After assuring the publication of Claude Bruley's work, he has just launched with the same publishers the Cadernos de Lima de Freitas, supervised by the Sociedade de Estudos e Investigação sobre o Quinto Império.

A Lusophile and Member of the Movimento Internacional Lusófono, author of over twenty essays translated into several languages, more particulary into Portuguese, he has also written novels, poems, philosophical tales and texts directed at animating philosophical discussion with children.

A Calligrapher, impregnated with Eastern culture, he sometimes illustrates his own books, usually evoking original artists such as Lima de Freitas, Jean-Gabriel Jonin or Virginie Rapiat.


Philosophy of Awakening,Vanguard and Tradition


Título: Fado, Saudade & Mystery
Subtítulo: Love of Portugal
Autor: Rémi Boyer
Co-Edição: Zéfiro, Arcano Zero
Colecção: Vanguarda & Tradição
Nº de Páginas: 140
Língua: Inglês
ISBN: 9789896771096
Ano de Edição: 2013
Encadernação: Capa Mole
Dimensões: 13 x 19,5 x 0,9 cm
Peso: 162 gr


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