Triple Goddess Tarot
Triple Goddess Tarot
Triple Goddess Tarot
Triple Goddess Tarot
Triple Goddess Tarot

Triple Goddess Tarot

Editora: Lo Scarabeo ISBN: 9788865274767

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de Jaymi Elford, Franco Rivolli


At the center of this Tarot deck is the Goddess, whose divine nature expresses the feminine within Wicca and Pagan spirituality.

Its symbol is the Moon, in its different phases: waxing, full, waning. Phases that reflect the expressions of femininity: girl, mother, matriarch.

The feminine one is a unique point of view to observe life and its meanings. Life is perceived as harmony, growth and spirituality, and is connected to both the Divine and the material world. From the well-known author Jaymi Elford and the illustrator Franco Rivolli.

78 cards.


Título: Triple Goddess Tarot
Subtítulo: Art by Franco Rivolli
Autores: Jaymi Elford, Franco Rivolli
Editora: Lo Scarabeo
Nº de Páginas: 78 cartas + instruções
Língua: Inglês
ISBN: 9788865274767
Dimensões: 6,5 x 11,8 x 3 cm
Peso: 232 gr


Artes Divinatórias > Tarot
Esoterismo > Wicca e Bruxaria
Sabedoria Antiga > Sagrado Feminino
Espiritualidade > Paganismo
Autores e Colecções > Lo Scarabeo
Autores e Colecções > Autores > Jaymi Elford
Autores e Colecções > Autores > Franco Rivolli