Vikings Tarot
Vikings Tarot
Vikings Tarot
Vikings Tarot
Vikings Tarot

Vikings Tarot

Editora: Lo Scarabeo ISBN: 9788883952951

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de Manfredi Toraldo, Sergio Tisselli


The Tarot's traditional iconography is reinterpreted in this deck through the mythology of the Vikings, the people of the North who became epic thanks to their travels and conquests. Their destiny was led by Odin and marked by the Runes, waiting for the ineluctable Ragnarock. These cards reveal a symbolic dimension to be explored.

78 cards.
Instructions. Multilingual edition.


Título: Vikings Tarot
Subtítulo: Art by Sergio Tisselli
Autores: Manfredi Toraldo, Sergio Tisselli
Editora: Lo Scarabeo
Nº de Páginas: 78 cartas + instruções
Língua: Multilingue
ISBN: 9788883952951
Dimensões: 6,6 x 12 x 3 cm
Peso: 238 gr


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