Zodiac Oracle
Zodiac Oracle
Zodiac Oracle
Zodiac Oracle
Zodiac Oracle

Zodiac Oracle

Editora: Lo Scarabeo ISBN: 9788865274736

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de Paolo Barbieri, Barbara Moore


Paolo Barbieri is perhaps the most followed Italian illustrator among millennials. Author of the covers and of the graphic concept of "Cronache di un mondo Emerso", he is the best known Italian interpreter of fantasy illustration, with assets for the creation of covers for writers such as George R. Martin or Ursula K. Le Guin.

This artistic talent ventures here with the classic astrological tradition, creating images with irrepressible energy, at the same time otherworldly and material.

Barbara Moore, art by Paolo Barbieri.

26 cards.
Instructions. Multilingual Edition.


Título: Zodiac Oracle
Subtítulo: Art by Paolo Barbieri
Autores: Paolo Barbieri, Barbara Moore
Editora: Lo Scarabeo
Nº de Páginas: 26 cartas + instruções
Língua: Multilingue
ISBN: 9788865274736
Dimensões: 8,8 x 12,5 cm
Peso: 249 gr


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